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Established in 1973 Stafford and Stone Canoe Club is recognised as one of Europe’s foremost Canoe Slalom Clubs. We have a continuous history of producing world class paddlers, most of whom have been drawn as beginners from the local schools in Stone and Stafford. 40% plus of the current GB and

England teams are club paddlers. The club and its members organise some of the most prestigious slalom events in the UK and were involved in organising the Olympic Canoe Slalom in 2012 and other global events. The new club house constructed in 2011 provides excellent facilities including club room, catering, changing rooms, gym and canoe storage. We have an active team of coaches within the club who provide instruction to all age ranges and genders.

Why do the club boats have the initials DB1 on them ?

River Levels at the Darlaston Inn


Rescheduled 3/4

Who are the Stafford and Stone CC Olympians ?


The new Stafford & Stone Canoe Club photo gallery and shop is now up and running! More photos will be added over the next few days and will eventually also have photos from past events other than slaloms such as from Joe Clarke's homecoming. You can find the gallery at


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1st Mini Slalom

Burt Roden at Grandtully

2017 Club Photographic Competition

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Results Mini Slalom 1 - 14th January

+ Photos from Mini Slalom 1

Results Mini Slalom 2 - 29th January

Results Mini Slalom 3 - 11th February

Final Mini Slalom Rankings

McConkey Div P+1 - 12 & 13th May

Stone Div 3+4 - 26 & 27th  May - rescheduled dates

Stone Div 3+4 - 30th June + 1st July

Stone Div 3+4 - 20 & 21st Oct

Club Events in 2018

Club Trophys Paul McConkey

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Stone Div 3/4 - 26 & 27th  May - rescheduled dates